Current Course - Level 3 Award in Food Safety

1. Mini Audit

All Mini Audits are included as bonus material, i.e. optional but strongly recommended. These are intended to help you apply the learning and prepare for the visit of an Environmental Health Officer (EHO).

The point of each Mini Audit is to prompt you to self-reflect by looking at your current role, premises and practices. By doing this you will prepare yourself for a positive and constructive experience when your EHO does visit.

To help get you in the mood for your first visit, Nick and Marcus get dressed up for the occasion.

Watch the first Mini Audit video and consider the following questions:

  • If an EHO visited you right now are you confident they would be fairly happy?
  • Do you fundamentally have control over what is happening within your kitchen?
  • Are you confident your processes at work are controlling cross-contamination?
  • Do you have confidence that all your staff understand safe operating procedures?
  • Do all staff perform tasks in a consistent manner, i.e. not varying the way they do things?
  • Do you have a Food Safety Management System based on HACCP principles?
  • Are you and your staff up-to-date on the fundamentals of food and premises hygiene?
  • Did the key points and definitions covered in this opening chapter make sense?

The most important factor in getting the most out of each Mini Audit is to be honest. Walk the premises and observe as an EHO would. But do not be too worried if you are unsure or some areas look a little questionable at this point. This is just a quick insight into what you will learn as you progress through the course.

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