Safer Food Essentials
Food Hygiene Certificate
Level 1

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Food Hygiene Certificate
Level 1 award

Accredited Level 1 Food Hygiene Essentials course following the national Level 1 syllabus. A flexible online video-based course filmed on-location and suitable for food demonstration or concession staff, warehouse personnel, and all other staff working in low-moderate food hygiene threat environments.

Fully accredited by QUALIFI, an OFQUAL regulated UK Awarding Organisation, this quick-to-complete course covers essentials such as Approved hand-washing technique, the Danger Zone, and avoiding cross contamination.

Includes FREE unlimited online exam entry leading to a nationally recognised qualification (Endorsed Award) from OFQUAL regulated Awarding Organisation (certificate available as PDF download), and staff progress tracking system with every multiple purchase. (We recommend you compare these benefits carefully with those offered by other providers).

What does it cover?

This course covers the nationally approved syllabus and content for Level 1 Food Safety Awareness including the following highlights:

  1. Basic essentials of food safety law guiding safe food preparation
  2. Threat of pathogenic food poisoning bacteria and how it multiplies
  3. Awareness of physical and chemical contamination threats
  4. Using temperature to control food poisoning bacteria (cook, chill, reheat)
  5. Basic awareness of allergenic food ingredients
  6. Personal Hygiene guide including approved hand-washing technique
  7. Basic cleaning and awareness of food pest threats

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Our Customers Said

The course was set out in an easy to use way. The information was presented in text and video form, to accommodate for different types of learners. The text layout was easy to read and navigate through, and the videos consisted of relevant information and some humour (great addition).

by KamariMcDonough