Safer Food Handler
Food Hygiene Certificate
Level 2 (Catering)

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Food Hygiene Certificate
Level 2 award (Catering)

The definitive Accredited Level 2 Food Hygiene Course following the latest EHO Approved Syllabus. A flexible online video-based course filmed on-location and completely updated for 2017.

Fully accredited by QUALIFI, an OFQUAL regulated UK Awarding Organisation, this course covers all the most common food hygiene threats in a catering environment. It also provides a strong Due diligence defence in the event of a serious food hygiene failure. Over 250,000 copies sold in UK.

Includes FREE unlimited online exam entry leading to a nationally recognised qualification (Endorsed Award) from OFQUAL regulated Awarding Organisation (certificate available as PDF download), and staff progress tracking system with every multiple purchase. (We recommend you compare these benefits carefully with those offered by other providers).

What does it cover?

This accredited course covers the nationally approved Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering syllabus (also called Level 2 Food Handler) for Catering, Retail and Manufacturing. It includes the following highlights:

  1. Latest food safety Legislation, EHO powers, and Due-Diligence
  2. Pathogenic food poisoning bacteria and the Danger Zone
  3. Food poisoning multiplication, spores, and toxins
  4. How to cook, hot-hold, cool, thaw & reheat food to latest standards
  5. How to interpret and plan for the latest legal guidance on food allergens
  6. Personal Hygiene and approved hand-washing technique
  7. Food Handler’s role in a HACCP system (Food Safety Management System)
  8. The 6 stages of cleaning and threat of eColi 0157 in chiller

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is Level 2 a Basic Food Hygiene certificate?

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Our Customers Said


Our takeaway branches only use this web site now as its a lot cheaper than council courses also more easy allow your staff to do it there own time and comfort.
Being able to mock test is excellent with option to watch videos for the people that don't want to read.

by Dominguez36


This course was comprehensive, easy to follow and good value for money. Completed the course and gained my certificate easily as did my staff.

by 5footways

The course was really good, the videos are very good and the deliberate mistakes are a good idea to make people think! Customer service is also fantastic, I had an issue that was resolved immediately and extremely well. Excellent.

by Elise Cocking

It was very relevant and easy to understand .The layout was logical and I really liked how it made a big deal of the exam. Reminding you about the exam throughout and asking you to watch for deliberate mistakes made sure you paid attention. The hosts were real enough to not get boring and yet professional enough to make you take note of important aspects of the training.

by Tim Spratt

I was really happy with the course. It was very informative and really allowed me to expand my knowledge. There were diagrams and images that even would assist someone who is alien to the catering industry. It is very clear and highlights the legal framework around the subject area. It also shows appropriate and inappropriate practices. This clarifies previous misconceptions that laymen like myself had. I was overall extremely satisfied and would most certainly recommend the course for people from all walks of life.

by Careygv59

Last year I put 10 employees through the course and have just signed up another 6. Its a very easy to use course informative and comprehensive.
The employees can work at their own pace and there is a fast track option for more experiences members of staff who have done the course several times before.
Great value for money.

by SarahTaylor18