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Level 2

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Understanding and applying COSHH Principles
Level 2 award

The Safer Food Group’s accredited Level 2 course presents the principles of Control of Substances Hazardous to health (COSHH) and how to apply them within your business environment. This new, flexible online video-based course filmed on-location covers the latest COSHH regulations, applicable in 2017.

Fully accredited by QUALIFI, an OFQUAL regulated UK Awarding Organisation, this course highlights legal requirements to protect workers from hazardous substances, identifies hazardous substances and associated health and safety issues and outlines the risk assessment and reduction process.

Includes FREE unlimited online exam entry leading to a nationally recognised qualification (Endorsed Award) from OFQUAL regulated Awarding Organisation (certificate available as PDF download), and staff progress tracking system with every multiple purchase. (We recommend you compare these benefits carefully with those offered by other providers).

What does it cover?

This accredited course follows the nationally recognised level 2 syllabus for COSHH principles approved by Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

On completion, learners who study this course should be able to do the following:

  1. Identify a range of substances commonly found in a range of workplaces and the ways in which they can be hazardous to health.
  2. Describe the range and purpose of legal requirements relating to COSHH, demonstrating that they understand the various and varying responsibilities of employer, manager and employee.
  3. Show awareness of the types of injury and ill health that can be caused by hazardous substance, and an understanding of the difference between acute and chronic injuries and conditions.
  4. Identify the different ways that hazardous substances can be identified and understand the importance of good record keeping and signposting.
  5. Be able to identify the risks associated with hazardous substances and act accordingly. The value and purpose of conducting formal and informal COSHH assessments and implementing appropriate control measures.

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Our Customers Said

Brilliant course, I done it over the course of a weekend and passed first time. I would definitely recommend it

by NoahFournier213

I've taken 4 courses & my staff 4 courses 5 star training courses recommend highly

by LunchboxHalifax148

Fantastic experience, easy and fast to learn. Thank you!

by IzaiahGarcia166

Completed this course yesterday, i found it very informative with easy to follow instructions, and actually quite enjoyable. Each section was compiled into easy to absorb pieces, i particularly found the fire section very in depth. i would definitely recommend this to other colleagues and friends as it is quick to do in work time,or finish at home in the evening.

by Alix291

This e-learner course was very good, I learnt a lot. The e-learning Software is user-friendly,easy to navigate. I can recommend The Safer Food Group to other customers to do the Health & Safety course.I am delighted with this course as it was an eye opener in many areas.

by Gleasonry336

I found this course really easy to do and very informative.
I would encourage everybody to do this as its really helpful information to know especially in the hospitality industry and also for yourself when you are going out for food.
I recomended other staff members at work to do this course and they were surprised on how long it took to do.

by Bambii